Day trip to London

Happy Friday!

I had the most lovely day yesterday, my man and I went to London for some good food, art and to soak up the city buzz.  Here are a few piccies to show you what we got upto.

We arrived in London at lunchtime and immediately headed off into Soho for some delicious Vietnamese food from Cay Tre.  I ordered a bowl of beef noodle soup, it took me back to when we went travelling around Vietnam.  The fragrant smells provoke many happy memories that will never leave me.

Next stop, Covent Garden,  we had some time to kill so we had a quick wander around and discovered a rather charming food market.  We resisted the urge to be greedy and left empty handed.

The highlight of my day was the Lucien Freud exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery.   It was absolutely stunning, I could have stayed in the gallery all day to be honest,  I was so in awe of his beautiful work.  We nearly didn’t make it due to a suspicious package being left in Trafalgar Square but it was all ok, the very brave bomb disposal man sorted it out and we were able to go on our merry little way.


After a much needed brew and a slice of victoria sponge we headed off for a trot around St James’s Park, where daffodils danced in the sunshine.

We carried on walking and ended up on the Southbank before heading back to Soho for some much needed beer.  We ate at Wacaha, which was quite simply wonderful and I was given some free chilli seeds which I am more than a little bit pleased with.

And that my friends was our lovely day in London.  Have a super dooper weekend everybody xx